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How does seeseephoto work?
Our mobile app allows you to take your own school photo at your convenience. We then edit and re-touch your image for blemishes and send you both a final color and black and white version within 1-2 weeks. The initial or proof image is also yours to keep. In addition we also provide you with two 2" x 6" wallet-sized photo strips of your picture mailed directly to you.

Where do you store our images? Is it secure? How long do you keep them?
All user images are stored in an encrypted off-line facility. There is no outside access. We keep images for 6 months from the date they are taken and then we delete them permanently.

Do you sell our information or photos?
We never sell our user information or any of the images you take. Ever.

How long does it take to receive my edited final photos and print delivery?
We ask for 1-2 weeks to send you your edited images and prints.

What if I don't like the way I look?
If you dislike your image for any reason please contact us at and we will arrange a re-shoot.

Is it really only $4.99 a year?
Yes! No up-charges or hidden fees. Our whole company is founded on the idea of making School Photos affordable for everyone.

Where can I print my photo?
Since you own the copyright you can print your images wherever you like. We have partnerships with some wonderful print labs please visit the vendor tab to find the best solutions in your area.